Animatronic Animal Decoration Realistic Horse Model

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Scientific Name:
Size: :
length: 2m, Height: 2m, Any size can be customized.
1.Shaking head, 2.opening mouth with sound, 3.stomach breathing, 4.Tail sway.
Starting Method:
Infrared Sensor (Customizable options Such as token coin operated or remote control)
Main Materials:
Steel, motors, high-density sponge, silicone, Paint.
Control box, Loud-speaker, Infrared sensor, maintenance material.
We provide a 24 months warranty after delivery.
Theme Parks, Museums, Showrooms, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Festival Events, Theatres, Recreation Centers.

The Animatronic Animal Decoration - Realistic Horse Model is a lifelike and realistic animal decoration designed specifically to simulate the appearance of a real horse.    Utilizing advanced power-driven systems and technology, this product achieves a natural and authentic dynamic effect, providing a unique visual and tactile experience for users.

Product Features:

1.    High Authenticity: Every detail is meticulously designed and sculpted to ensure a high level of realism in the animal's appearance.    The horse model accurately portrays the posture, proportions, and even the texture of the fur, creating a product that closely resembles an actual horse.

2.    Dynamic Performance: Powered by a dynamic drive system, this lifelike horse model can simulate various movements of a real horse, such as head shaking, and tail swaying.    Its dynamic performance capabilities offer users an opportunity for interactive engagement and visual enjoyment.

3.    Intelligent Sensing: The product can be equipped with intelligent sensing devices that automatically detect and respond to the presence of people, triggering appropriate actions and providing a more immersive and interactive experience.

4.    Durability and Reliability: Manufactured using high-quality materials, this product exhibits excellent durability and reliability, ensuring its performance remains consistent even during prolonged usage.

5.    Versatile Applications: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, such as theme parks, zoos, amusement parks, shopping malls, and exhibitions, this lifelike horse model enhances the ambiance of various scenes, adding a lively and captivating atmosphere.


1.    Entertainment Venues: Ideal as an attraction in theme parks, amusement parks, and other entertainment venues, the lifelike horse model draws visitors for interactive experiences and photo opportunities.

2.    Commercial Displays: Enhances the visual impact and brand impression in malls, exhibitions, and other commercial settings, attracting customers and increasing foot traffic.

3.    Educational Institutions: Helps as a teaching aid in biology and natural science classes, providing a realistic and interactive demonstration.

4.    Film Productions: Serves as a scene prop in movies and TV productions, adding realism and visual impact to the storytelling.

The Animatronic Animal Decoration - Realistic Horse Model is a distinctive decorative product that offers users a unique visual and tactile experience through its high authenticity and dynamic performance.    Whether employed to attract crowds in entertainment venues or as a tool for commercial displays, it delivers unforgettable experiences.