Animatronic Animals

Want to significantly increase footfall and customer dwell time of your places? Then our realistic animatronic animals will be your good options. We have many types of animatronic animals for sale, such as jungle animals (elephant, giraffe, Lion, tiger, Panda, zebra), ice age/prehistoric animals (Mammoth, Saber-toothed tiger, Paraceratherium, Glyptodon), marine animals (whale, shark, dolphin, Walrus), and farm animals (cow, horse, sheep, chicken). They are Museum Quality Class and perfect outlook design, giving a realistic sensation. The utility model brings people a vivid and pristine artistic perception. Get the latest price on educational and ornamental realistic robotic animals for parks, restaurants, museums, events, and shopping centers. HiDinosaurs provide custom service, made to order in 2-4 weeks, and all life-size robotic animals support global shipping!