Service & Warranty


HIdinosaurs is an Halloween animatronics attraction props and creature puppets design and production factory in China,we can provide your one stop service from concept and layout design(Dinosaur exhibition and animal exhibition are popular),Christmas animatronics displays, walking dinosaur costumes,and animal hand puppets,shipping at competitive prices and on site installation. We're focused on making every part of your displaying animatronic props experience as artistry, fast, efficient and simple as possible.


Exhibition Proposal

To have your own animatronic attraction exhibition, Our whole entire business proposal usually sought on attractive and competitive aesthetic animatronics based on your local peers and exhibition theme, size of area,large creation, educational outreach needs of the props to increase visitor flow and returning. For example, the Jurassic theme exhibition proposal, we will recommend portfolio of our Dinosaur props, and other coin machine Dinosaur rides combos to maximize profits. Combined with the actual situation, give customers some promotion directions, display content suggestions. 

Park & Scene Layout Design

To let you start the animatronics exhibition project intuitively and quickly, we will predesign the park site route. According to your needs and actual site conditions. In the area division, functional layout,walking route, product placement of the dinosaur park and other aspects of the design in your display area. Please provide us with your venue size and rough idea design drawings or sketches, reference pictures or models, after confirm the your ideas details. We will start to build the animatronic attraction scene that customers want. Contact us by email to get a design quote.

Product Design

Work with our team, bring your creative spark ideas grow into amazing things.Our team is very good at according to the customer's needs on the basis of the original design to modify or create new product design. Check the Hidinosaurs customized products.


For small size and mid-size moving props, Just need to finish some wires work and plug in power then done. In order to save the delivery cost ,for large dinosaur or bespoke giant creature animatronics that need to be packaged with detachable legs and tail. Mechanical engineering team will assemble and inspect giant animatronics in our workshop, we provide onsite installation service as per the customer needs, We will send experienced crews to the client's site to install. For the clients who already have their local installation team to install animatronic Dinosaurs is also easy to work, we will shoot the Installation guide videos and instructions.  

★ On-site Installation: Our professional installation team provides site installation service

★ Installation Team: All of our installation team workers had electrician certificate, Through periodically training to improve the operation ability, Have many years overseas installation experience.

★ Technical Guidance: 24*7 HRS on call

After-sale Service

★ Warranty: 24 months

★ We will track your product whole journey and offer you soonest feedback so that the processing is clearly present for you.

★ Professional team will be sent for you to assist to install after finishing product and at the same time repair the product in quality guarantee period at any time.

★ During the warranty period, if any damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side.Meantime, we will send a tutorial video to guide you on how to fix it step by step.

★ Lifetime No Profit Repair Service.