Realistic Dinosaurs Life Size Dinosaur Carnotaurus Model

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Scientific Name:
Length: 6m, Height: 2.2m, Can be customized to any size.
1.Open mouth roaring, 2.head left and right, 3.neck up and down, 4.front claws waving, 5.tail swinging, 6.blinking eyes.
Starting Method:
Infrared Sensor (Customizable options Such as token coin operated or remote control)
Main Materials:
Steel, motors, high-density sponge, silicone, Paint.
Size, movement, color, sounds and lighting effects, etc.
Control box, Loud-speaker, Infrared sensor, maintenance material.
We provide a 24 months warranty after delivery.
By “Sea Freight” , Global shipment.
Theme Parks, Museums, Jurassic Park, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Festival Events, Theatres, Recreation Centers.

Introducing our incredibly lifelike and awe-inspiring Realistic Dinosaurs Life Size Dinosaur Carnotaurus Model. Prepare to transport yourself back to the prehistoric era with this stunningly detailed replica of the fearsome Carnotaurus.

Standing proudly at a remarkable life-sized scale, measuring 7.5 feet tall and 20 feet long, this dinosaur model is a true masterpiece. Skillfully crafted by expert artisans, every intricate detail has been meticulously recreated to ensure an incredibly authentic appearance.

Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, this Carnotaurus model is built to last and withstand the test of time. Its sturdy frame ensures stability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor display. Whether it's for a museum, educational institution, or simply a dinosaur enthusiast's collection, this model is designed to impress.

The Realistic Dinosaurs Life Size Dinosaur Carnotaurus Model boasts an exceptional level of realism. From the scaly skin texture, jaw-dropping coloration, and lizard-like appearance to the formidable horns on its head, no detail has been overlooked. Its fierce and lifelike expression sends a shiver down your spine, capturing the essence of this ancient predator.

This model is not only artistically impressive but also interactive. With its movable limbs and a poseable jaw, you can create dynamic scenes and engage in imaginative play. The ability to adjust the posture and position of the Carnotaurus allows you to customize its appearance according to your preferences or educational needs.

Ideal for educational purposes, this Carnotaurus model serves as an invaluable tool for learning about the fascinating world of dinosaurs. It aids in enhancing children's curiosity, fostering their love for natural history, and providing them with an entertaining and educational experience.

Whether you are a dinosaur enthusiast, a teacher seeking to create an immersive learning environment, or simply want to make a bold statement in your space, the Realistic Dinosaurs Life Size Dinosaur Carnotaurus Model is a must-have. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the prehistoric era and bring the awe-inspiring Carnotaurus to life today!