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Animatronic Dinosaur refers to the use of robotic devices to emulate dinosaur species or bring lifelike characteristics to a dinosaur model.Animatronic Dinosaur is a multi-handcraft field which integrates mechanicals, sculpture, texture, skin, and painting resulting in lifelike dinosaurs. It’s powered by electrical or pneumatics ways and can be operated automatically using both sensor and human control.

We can also make many animatronic products, such as animatronic animals, animatronic insects, animatronic dragons, animatronic talking trees and etc..



1. Eyes blink

2. Mouth open/close with vividsynchronized roaring

3. Head turn up/down

4. Neck turn left/right

5. Abdominal breathing

6. Claws moving

7. Tail swing

8. Fluttering wings(Models with wings are available)

Customize other actions, Models longer than 5m are able to add.

1. LED lighting eyes or mouth

2. Spray water

3. Spray smoke

4. Body rotating &moving

5. Upper body left/right

6. Tongue stretch/withdraw

How to Make Animatronic Dinosaur Model

Step 1:Diagram -Production drawing for visualizing the inner structure

Step 2:Steel Frame -Dinosaur skeleton structure, motors control movements

Using steel to make the internal support, steel frame welding to form the accurate skeleton shape,plus machinery and transmission,after mechanical structure frame completes,then anti-rust treatment, and testing the movements to ensure the mechanical frameworks well.

Step 3: Shaping-Dinosaur come into shape

Sculpting and creating the masterpiece skin texture and muscle part on different on the high-density sponge, the outline of the ceature is created scientifically based on the data of paleontological knowledge.

Step 4:Texture -Varied texture & Pattern for different dinosaurs

Step 5:Skin-Putting on a raincoat

Coat and scrape the silicone on the dino skin,nylon(silk stocking)could increase the strength of the dinosaur skin,also keep the texture is shown.Finally, brush 3-4 layers of silicone on the dinosaurs. it will like a raincoat. so all of our animatronic models can stay outdoor.

Step 6: Painting-Bring dinosaurs to life

Color the animatronic dinosaur per design pattern,and bring the dinosaur to life!

Meeting this custom-made animatronic dinosaur at the dinosaur park! (Buy huge animatronic dinosaurs, we provide installation services)

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