Dinosaur Costume Features

Walking with Dinosaurs

A realistic dinosaur costume product is a model of dinosaurs made from lightweight mechanical structures and lightweight composite materials for the skin. This skin is more durable, breathable, environmentally friendly, and odorless. Simulation dinosaur costumes are manually operated and equipped with a cooling fan in it to lower the internal temperature. The chest also has a camera for performers to see outside. Our animatronic dinosaur costume weighs about 18 kg in total.

Simulation dinosaur costumes are mainly used for dressing up as dinosaurs, attracting attention in various exhibitions, commercial performances, trade shows, theme parks, museums, and other events like parties and activities. These costumes are designed to provide an extremely realistic experience, making it seem as if the performer is actually a real-life dinosaur. The movements are smooth and lifelike, allowing the audience to be fully immersed in the performance. In addition to entertainment, simulation dinosaur costumes can also be used for educational purposes. Through interactive performances, visitors can learn more about the characteristics and habits of different types of dinosaurs, increasing their understanding of ancient creatures and the prehistoric world.
HIDinosaurs has SIX different types of dinosaur costumes, such as the visible legs dinosaur costume, hidden legs dinosaur costume, T-Rex costume adult, ride on costume, triceratops two person costume, stegosaurus two person costume.


Internal Details

Camera: There is a micro camera on the top of the dinosaur, which is capable of transferring the image on the screen to make sure the inside operator sees the outside view. It will be safe for them to perform when they can see outside.

Speaker Box: The product is set up with a voice control box on the back part of the dinosaur to control the voice of the dinosaur's mouth and blinking. the control box not only can adjust the volume of the sound, but it also can connect USB memory to make a dinosaur voice more freely, and let the dinosaur speak human language, can even sing while doing the dance.

Monitor: A Hd viewing screen is displayed inside the dinosaur to reveal the video from the front Camera.

Loud Speaker: The speaker is displayed on the head of the dinosaur, whose aim is to make the sound go out of the dinosaur's mouth. The sound will be more vivid. meanwhile, another speaker is displayed on the tail. It will make a sound with the top speaker. The sound will be louder shocking.

Air Fan: Three fans are set up in the inside special position of the dinosaur, air circulation is formed on real significance, and the operators will not feel too hot, or bored.

Battery: Removable battery group makes our product last more than two hours. There are special card slots to install and fasten the battery group. Even if operators make a 360-degree somersault, it still will not cause power failure.

Put on the Costume

Simple Guidance

Install the support.
Put the costume on the support
Step 1: Get into the costume.
Step 2: Fasten the leg straps (you may need someone to help you).
Step 3: Zip up the legs, and fasten the snap buttons on the legs.
Step 4: Put on the Harness.


Handles And Buttons Functions

Left Button 1:
Trigger eyes sounds

Left Button 2:
Switch eyes sounds

Left Handle 3:
Operate eyes movements

Right Button 4: 
Trigger Mouth sounds

Right Button 5: 
Switch Mouth sounds

Right Handle 6: 
Operate Mouth movements

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