Dinopark Tatry Slovakia

HiDinosaurs together with our clients to create Dinopark Tatry in 2020.

This species has inhabited our Earth for millions of years and left its traces in the High Tatras. Dino park Tatry is the first children's entertainment attraction in Tatras. In order to let more people know about this species and observe them up close, Dinopark Tatry came into being. From the outside, the dinosaur exhibition hall covers an area of 180m2. Up to ten kinds of realistic dinosaur models with sound and movements will welcome you. When you step into this land, you will be greeted by a huge Brachiosaurus. As you step further, you will be surrounded by more Animatronic dinosaur models.

With a clear and consistent goal, we and our client quickly reached cooperation. Through continuous communication, we constantly modified and improved the project and more details, including Dinosaur species, types, quantities, dinosaur size, and so on. We are in accordance with the agreed high quality and rapid production, through dozens of tests and inspections, the products are delivered to customers perfectly. Due to the special environment this year, our engineers remotely assisted the installation through video and informed customers of the protection of dinosaurs during operation. After more than half a year, the Dinopark Tatry is very popular now and I think it will be better.