Animatronic animal and Insect Features


Animatronic animals or Insects refer to the use of robotic devices to emulate animals or Insects into animal or Insect models.The animatronic animal or Insect is a multi-handcraft field that integrates mechanicals, sculpture, texture, skin, and painting resulting in lifelike animals or Insects. It’s powered by electrical or pneumatics ways and can be operated automatically using both sensor and human control.

Want to significantly increase footfall and customer dwell time of your places? Then our realistic animatronic animals will be your good options.Hidinosaurs produce various animatronic animals ice age/prehistoric animals(woolly mammoth,smilodon, ground sloth,Glyptodon), jungle animals(elephant,giraffe,crocodile,snake,zebra), marine animals(whale,shark,dolphin, sea horse), farm animals(cow,horse,sheep,chicken), customized animatronic animals (octopus band,giant parrot,giant frog), and every insect you can see.



1. Eyes blink

2. Mouth open/close with vividsynchronized roaring
3. Head turn up/down
4. Neck turn left/right
5. Abdominal breathing
6. Claws moving
7. Tail swing
8. Fluttering wings(Models with wings are available)

Customize other actions, Models longer than 5m are able to add.
1. LED lighting eyes or mouth
2. Spray water
3. Spray smoke
4. Body rotating &moving
5. Upper body left/right
6. Tongue stretch/withdraw

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