Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Costume

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Item No:
Scientific Name:
Tyrannosaurus Rex
4.0*0.7*2.2 Meters
about 20Kg
Stainless steel tubes, high-density foam, fiber fabric or silicone, pigment.
1.Eyes Blink, 2.Mouth Opens and Closes, 3.Head Moves, 4.Tail Sways
8 different MP3 format sound. 4 for eyes, 4 for mouth, easily switchable at your preference.
By a 12V battery, it can operate up to 8 hours on a full charge.
Custom Function:
1.Smoke / Fog ability, 2.Spitting Water ability, 3.LED Eyes
Adaptor, Air Fan, Battery, Camera, Charger, Hanger, Monitor, Necklace, Speaker.
Normal Wooden Crate, 240*90*110cm
12 Months

Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Costume – the ultimate choice for those who appreciate remarkable body-lines. This one-of-a-kind outfit has been carefully developed by our expert designers to surpass your expectations. Specifically designed for stage show performances, our costume guarantees to captivate the attention of the crowd with its exclusive and eye-catching design. 

In the competitive world of marketing, it is crucial to stand out and leave a lasting impression. And that's where our dinosaur costume comes in, drawing people in and instantly bringing attention to your brand. Become the center of attraction at events as people gather around to marvel at your undeniable choice of costume, elevating your brand recognition to new heights. As a marketer, this is your golden ticket to success, as you witness firsthand the positive influence it has on your business.

For Jurassic-themed events, our Dinosaur Costume becomes your prized possession. Watch children's faces light up with excitement as they encounter the realistic and awe-inspiring presence of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Their joy and amusement bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams and creating unforgettable memories.

Not limited to just events, our Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume is a perfect addition to any party. Your guests will be thrilled to have the greatest time of their lives, surrounded by the prehistoric charm and playful atmosphere that our costume provides. 

Make an impact, leave a lasting impression, and become the ultimate business partner with our amazing Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Costume. See your brand soar to new heights of success, all while creating unforgettable experiences for yourself and those around you. Don't miss out on this truly unique opportunity!